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1. Hydrangea Tea is "Buddha's Pleasure".
Hydrangea Tea incense is often used to celebrate birth, and the tea is a favorite drink of onefs ancestors. It is a treat to Buddha when, with a true heart, you offer the Hydrangea Tea as repayment for kindness and thankfulness.

2. The Hydrangea Tea Aroma helps clear the mind of misfortune.
When your mind is clouded with a sense of misfortune, the Hydrangea Tea scent will help dissipate that feeling. Hydrangea Tea has been known for its healing properties, which relieve tension and promote longer life. In New Yearfs Eve ceremonies, a bell is rung at night and the hydrangea fragrance is use to wash away the calamity of misfortune which has accumulated in your heart throughout the year. It allows you to focus on the good things that have happened recently and gwash your hearth of the hateful things that are not part of your spirit. Once completed, you should rejoice in a healed, lean, eternally happy and humble heart.

3. Eternal Happiness from the Hydrangea Fragrance.
The hydrangea fragrance grants you the courage and happiness to overcome what we all find difficult to confront. It is considered an important part of the road to a personfs paradise, and lifts your appreciation of the happiness of the gpure landh, including praying. Often referred to as the gheart of mercy which rejoices in the joy of othersh the hydrangea fragrance represents sincerity and a blossoming of eternally beautiful happiness, which you achieve when your good conduct toward others is repeated.

Main Ingredients : Hydrangea Tea
Length : 5.5"
Quantity : 25 sticks or More
Burn Time : approx. 30 min.
Company : Awaji-Baikundo

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