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Jinko Kojurin - Aloeswood Blend

Jinko Kojurin mixes aloeswood with a rather spicy and somewhat musky scented oil and spice blend. Very approachable and easy to like. A good place to start with Aloeswoods in this line and makes a nice gift. This is not an overwhelming scent, rather it is refined and very different (think dryer) from a Sandalwood based incense. This is a very popular incense and is well-received by all levels of incense users.

Main Ingredients: Aloeswood, others
Size: 9.25"
Quantity: app. 70 sticks
Burn Time: app. 50 min.
Company: Gyokushodo

Also available in :
Jinkoh Kojurin - Aloeswood Blend Small Box
Jinkoh Kojurin - Aloeswood Blend Large Box

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