How to enjoy hibi:.

The incense is delicate. Be careful when using it, as it may break if you don't strike it correctly. Watch the one-minute video, or follow these written instructions for an easy-to-understand explanation of how to enjoy hibi:.

Open the package film. Pull the perforated part of the film sideways to the left and right to open the package.
Remove one hibi stick from the box. Take the stick of hibi and press its top tip against the brown rough surface on the side of the box (the side for striking) at an angle of 45 degrees, and scrape it diagonally down to light it. Hold the stick at its mid-point as it might break easily if you hold the far tip of the stick to strike it.
Once itís lit, hold it in a slightly head-down tilted position for a second or two. Then move it to a horizontal position, and keep holding it until the flame spreads to the incense part and the flame goes out on its own. If you put out the flame hastily before it settles, the fire many not spread to its incense part or the smell of the match may affect the initial fragrance of the incense because the flammable material in the match head (ignition material) may not have burned completely.
Use the non-combustible mat: Please lay the stick on hibiís exclusive mat and enjoy the scent for around 10 minutes. Although the exclusive mat and tray are heat-resistant, if you are concerned, place it on top of the slide cover of the box to ensure safety. Donít leave the area until the stick is burnt out. Burning more than two sticks at a time is dangerous, as it will cause overheating of the mat. Be sure to burn only one stick at a time.

Clean before the next use: After using the stick, lift the stick together with the mat and throw away remaining ash. Using another stick of hibi on the mat with the residual ash may mix scents and you may not enjoy the original scent of hibi.

  • Read and follow the direction for use carefully before using the products.
  • Be sure to take precautions against fire, and donít leave it while it is still burning.
  • Donít put the stick on the exclusive mat before confirming that its flame has already settled and fire has already spread to its incense part.
  • It is not edible. Be sure to keep it away from infants.
  • Donít use it for any purposed other than intended.
  • Avoid storing it in hot and humid places to prevent quality degradation.

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