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Theology Series Myrrh

Known throughout Western and central Asian cultures for thousands of years, Myrrh, like Frankincense, is a treasured source of fragrance. It comes from harvesting the sap of a thorny bush of species t5Commiphora Myrrha, native to Yemen, Somalia, Eritrea and eastern Ethiopia, or Commiphora Gileadensis, native to the Eastern Mediterranean and Arabian Peninsula. Myrrh is biblically referred to as Balm of Gilead, or Balsam of Mecca. Incense is made from the best Myrrh resin and is often used in Christian liturgical celebrations.

Main Ingredients : Myrrh
Length : 5.5"
Quantity : App. 45 sticks
Burn Time : approx. 25 min.
Company : Japan Incense

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