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Sencha - Ayataka

Why are these on sale ? These containers are nearing the Japanese “used by” date, which, under Japanese decree, is only 12 months after packing. However, in the USA, these teas are still considered fresh up to one year or more “used by” date. And incidentally, if you keep this green tea / Hojicha can sealed in the freezer, you can extend its incredible flavor for another year !

Kanbayashi is a 450 year old famous company from the Kyoto area. Their original store is actually a tourist attraction.
They are noted for being the first Japanese company to make tea for the Muromachi Shogunate (about 1560 A.D.).

This is an excellent Sencha tea that is amplified by the addition of a small amount of matcha poweder, giving it an especially bright green color.

Weight : 70g / 2.82 oz
Company: Kanbayashi

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