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Kokedama, literally translated from Japanese, means “Moss Ball”.
The Kokedama is actually a form of Bonsai. The plant, usually a fern, tree, or succulent, is grown to a small size, and then, along with the correct soil and fertilizer, is carefully transplanted inside a bundled ball of specialized moss.

The unique feature of a Kokedama is its easy maintenance, Keep it on a desk or windowsill, and every four days or so, dunk it in a basin of water to the top of the ball for a couple of minutes. Take it out and put it back in its bowl. That’s it. For added greenness of the moss, spray it every day with a water mister.

The small moss ball will keep the plant from growing too large, but like a Bonsai, you may trim it occasionally to maintain a small size.

Moss is an important plant in Japanese culture. The Saiho-ji Temple in Kyoto, also nicknamed Koke-dera (Moss Temple), contains an amazing moss garden, and Yakushima in Kagoshima is impossible to visualize without moss. Moss actually appears in ancient poetry and even in the national anthem of Japan, meaning that Kokedama can now be regarded as a part of Japan, that fuses tradition and modernity.

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