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Incense Stand - egg - brass

This brass incense container is made using traditional casting techniqe which has been passed down through generations for over 400 years in Takaoka, Japan. It is left uncolored to enjoy change in color of the metal over the years.

[Maintenance / Directions for use]
-Wipe with a soft cloth after use.
-The surfaces of colored products are prone to scratching. Do not use hard brushes or metal polishers.

Name : Incense Stand - egg - brass
Size : H70 φ50
Color/Shape : Barrel Gold
Box size : H27 W65 D65
Weight(with box): 250g (306g)
Design : Kazuyoshi Oishi
Material : Brass (60% copper, 40% zinc)

The above information is from Nousaku.

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