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Incense Stand Set - bamboo leaf - tin

Known as the most expensive metal after gold and silver, tin is very malleable and flexible. Though having nearly the whiteness of silver, it does not rust easily nor will air tarnish it readily. It is significantly antibacterial, and also known as a material with low allergic reactivity and high heat conductivity. The product is manufactured using traditional casting techniques which have been passed down through generations for over 400 years in Takaoka. The saucer is made of tin, while the brass cubic incense stand is left uncolored to enjoy change in color of the metal over the years.

[Maintenance / Directions for use]
-Use a cloth (sponge), clean with dishwashing liquid (neutral in pH) after use.
-Do not scratch with hard brushes.
-Polish with common metal polishers, tooth paste, or baking soda to restore the shine.
-Do not use over a flame, as they have low melting points.

Name : Incense Stand Set - round - tin
Size : H10 W105 D46
Box size : H25 W117 D70
Weight(with box): 90g (111g)
Material : Tin (100%)

The above information is from Nousaku.

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