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Lotus - Fragrance Gel Beads

The flower of the lotus is the dominant fragrance. There's an undertone of a jasmine and lily of the valley scent.

Gel Beads or "Fragrance Balls" are designed to infuse a light aroma into a small room through evaporation of fragrance-filled gel balls. As they evaporate, the balls grow smaller in the jar.
Contents 40g (1.41 oz.)

USAGE : Please unscrew the aluminum cap top, remove the silver coated cardboard gasket under the lid, and screw the aluminum cap back on the jar.  Place the jar in a small room or hallway. The fragrance continues for approximately 1 month.

SIZE : Jar is approx. 54mm high × 55mm diameter (2-⅛" high x 2-⅛" diameter).

- Please do not heat, eat, touch, or squeeze the gel beads, or leave them exposed to children or pets.
- Please do not use for any purpose other than the intended use. These are not bath beads; do not mix with water or other substances.
- If you get the gel in the eyes, wash your eyes immediately with lots of water and contact a doctor immediately.
- Do not insert your finger into any of the holes in the lid. The holes are sharp and can cut or injure your finger

Company : Kousaido

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