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Set of 4 scents (Koto koh, Take koh, Sumi-koh, and Ume koh)

Sumi koh (15 sticks) - Borneo camphor
Clear and musky scent of Sumi with dignified Ryunou (Borneol).

Take koh(15 sticks) - Bamboo, Lily of the valley, Cyclamen, Bergamot
Oriental and fresh woody scent inspired from fresh and stillness Bamboo Forest.

Koto koh (15 sticks) - Sandalwood, Amber, Ambergris, and Oak Moss
Bright and georgeous scent of sweet Ambergris from the images of ancient Japan.

Ume koh / Baika (Plum Blossome) - Plum, Lilac, Clove
Fresh floral scent of Plum Blossoms in slight warm air in early spring.

Qunatity : 15 sticks each
Length : 3.5 inch
Company : Kousaido

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