Click to enlargeCast Iron Incense Burner, Origami-Crane Shape, Gold (Gold Color is SOLD OUT - sorry)
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This cast iron incense burner is hand-crafted in Japan and designed by a famous artist (see below). The striking gold color is then baked onto the surface.
This burner mimics the shape of a folded origami paper-craft crane, because in Japan, cranes signify peace, longevity, and a happy marriage. Crane-shaped gifts are a logical choice for all occasions.
You can remove the cover on the crane to place cones inside or to easily clean out the ashes. Please see the upper right of the photo for an example of where to place the cone (not included). Cleaning is easy with a dry cloth.
Whether you use this crane for incense burning or just as an ornament for decoration, its striking design and solid feel will please everyone. A black resin base and gift box are included.

Gold Crane Cast Iron Incense Holder

Dimensions (in.) 5" L x 4.5" W x 4.0 "H
Weight: Approximately 1.45 lbs. (658 gm.)
Made in Japan

About The Artitst

- Awards-
The 15th Imperial Exhibition Sculpture Division.
The 8th Kozosha Exhibition Paintings Division in 1934.
The Chunichi Award, The Japan Fine Arts Exhibition at Nagoya in 1958.
The Tokyo Governor's Award, 65th Shin Kozo Exhibition Sculpture Division for the work "Iku" in 1993.
Minister of Education Encouragement Award, 71st Shin Kozo Exhibition Sculpture Division for the work "Still Life" in 1999
Japan Artists' Association.
Shin Kozo Exhibition Paintings Division.
Nagoya Fine Arts University Honorary Professor

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