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Kneaded Incense - Konohana (0.70 oz / 20 g) - One large piece

This Kneaded incense is created for Mushakōjisenke. Mushakōjisenke is a school of Japanese tea ceremony. The characteristic of this incense is one large kneaded piece, which is common to this school. It is not in separate small beads.

Kyukyodo's Kneaded Incense - known in Japan as Nerikoh - is blended in perfect proportions from premium raw aromatics, kneaded with honey and apricot, and finally allowed to mature for a length of time. A delectable, earthy fragrance is the result.

Use with charcoal and a mica plate, or with one of our wood chip heaters.

  • 1 box of kneaded incense, 0.70 oz / 20 g
  • Aromatic woods, herbs, spices, agarwood (aloeswood)
  • Use with Mica Plate, White Ash, and Square Charcoal A or Square Charcoal B

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