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Fu-in® Kyara Ryugen - 5 sheets (100 Sticks), Paulownia box

This is Minorien's Masterpiece. It has a wet smell of Kyara that is very deep. You will also note an excellent tone that reflects, in abundance, the very nature of the incense tree. You will enjoy a gentle aroma of the highest quality of pure "Kyara smell". Kyara Ryugen is carefully packed by Minorien's incense masters in flat porous paper sheet envelopes of 20 sticks each. All five sheet envelopes are then placed in a beautifully crafted Paulownia wood box, which is then packed inside an attractive gold box. This beautiful presentation makes it perfect for a gift.

Main Ingredients : Kyara
Length : 5.5"
Quantity : 100 Sticks
Burn Time : approx. 25 min.
Company : Minorien

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