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Forest Wind - Kuromoji  (Japanese Lindera umbellata)   

Kuromoji has long been popular with Japanese people as a tree with a nice scent that is familiar to us in our daily lives. The scent of Kuromoji is a wood scent with a calm sweetness that will heal your tiredness.

Not only the calm impression of wood, but also the scent with floral sweetness. It has a delicate fragrance that is typical of Japanese essential oils, but it has a very elegant scent that makes you feel elegance and gorgeousness. Kuromoji is Lauraceae, Kuro-moji genus. There are black spots on the trunk The name given because it looks like a letter Kuromoji is also called divination, Classic incense (plum blossom) It is also used as Kneaded incense.

Length : 2.25"
Quntity : app. 150 sticks

Burn Time : app. 15 min.
Company : Minoren

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