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Yuzen Kobai Travel Case with cream, white, and gold colored pattern. Covered with Japanese paper.

These delightful metal containers are perfect for bringing your favorite incense with you when you travel. They're made of metal and about the size of a small shoe polish container, but a little taller. The top separates easily to reveal a special burner area in a metal dish insert. In the metal dish is a washable, porous, non-flammable mat. You lay your short incense stick directly on the mat, where it burns without transferring heat to the container. There's no worry about ashes or the stick falling and starting a fire. And anytime you want to extinguish the incense, just replace the lid and it smothers the pinching off the stick or burning your fingers!

When you lift out the metal dish insert, there is a storage compartment below for half-length incense sticks. As a bonus, there are three sample packages of incense to get you started. This is a simple, functional, and useful gift item that everyone can use.

Main Ingredients: 3 samplers, meadow, woods, peach
Size: approx 2.8" diameter, 1.5" high
Quantity: 9 Sticks total
Burn Time: approx. 10 min.
Company: Seikundo

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