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Nipponkodo discontinue Hakubai Lotus Incense. We will miss this incense ! (5/13/08)
"SHIN MAINICHI-KOH Long stick 80 sticks" is exactly same incense as HAKUBAI LOTUS.

HAKUBAI LOTUS Long - 80 sticks

Hakubai Lotus incense was founded over 400 years ago, when it was first created as a high quality incense for the Emperor of Japan. Today they continue this tradition of excellence with a wide variety of contemporary and traditional incense. Hakubai Lotus has an intense floral aroma bouquet. It's an excellent choice for longer moments of deep thoughts and inspiration.

Main Ingredients : Sandalwood, Lotus, Others
Length : 9.75"
Quantity : 80 sticks
Burn Time : approx.90 min.
Company : Nipponkodo

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