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CHIE - Agarwood (Aloeswood) 30 sticks

Agarwood: (Aloeswood/Jinko) Harvested in Indonesia, Made in Japan. Agarwood is the damaged part of a tree that has turned into resin over a long period of time. It `is characterized by a honey-like sweetness with the warmth of wood..

Main Ingredients : Agarwood (Aloeswood)
Length : 6-13/16"
Quantity : app. 30 sticks and a mini ceramic holder
Burn Time : approx. 45 min.
Company : Nipponkodo

About the CHIE line of Fragrances: CHIE is made from 100% natural fragrance ingredients. Each raw material has been carefully selected and sourced from "Trees of Gods" found all around the world. Agarwood from Indonesia, Palo Santo from Peru, Hinoki from Japan, etc.

These "Trees of Gods" are fragrant trees that have been used for prayer, purification, and wisdom since ancient times. Developed to fit our daily lifestyles, CHIE has been brought to you from nature and conveniently packed into a 30 stick box.

The word "CHIE" means the ability to see things as they really are and to recognize the truth. Keeping true to the purity of this ancient wisdom, Chie does not use synthetic oils and is made only with natural aromatic ingredients in powder form.

In order to make the incense naturally, each product's burning time has not been altered or adjusted, preserving its natural qualities and uniqueness.

Immerse yourself in the worldly ancient wisdom that flows from each stick.Connect with nature. Create space in your mind.

• 100% Natural Fragrance Ingredients • Vegan Friendly • Naturally derived fragrance • Carefully selected raw materials • Sourced by country of origin • No synthetic fragrance or dyes • Uses environmentally friendly FSC certified paper • No bamboo core, clean burning, pure scent • Each box comes with 30 sticks and a mini ceramic holder

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