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Product Name: Kikka Senko

Classification: General Merchandise, Incense.

Characteristics: As this product is purely organic, no harmful agricultural chemicals have been used.
Use: To be used as a fragrant incense to repel mosquitoes.

Burning Time: Each coil lasts approximately six (6) hours in a still environment.

Caution: Each two (2) coil last are packaged as one so please separate before use, In addition, set alight only one area of each coil at a time.
Please use caution when handling the edges of tinplate stand.
Only use this product in metal or ceramic containers and avoid the use of paper or plastic containers. As well, avoid the use of this product in close vicinity to walls or flammable products.
Place incense coil upwind in a well-ventilated area and do not use in unventilated areas for extended periods of time.
Watch that the coil does not topple or collapse.
Please be sure to dispose of the ash after use.
Otherwise, heat storage and abnormal combustion may occur.
Please do not use in close vicinity to sleeping infants.

In case of Oral Consumption: The danger is low, however, if this product is consumed, rinse mouth with water and consult a physician.

Raw Materials: Aromatic Grass, Chrysanthemum Powder and Tree Powder (Tabu)
Made in Japan

These incense coils are dried naturally to maximize the repellent and aromatic properties and effectiveness. These coils use only organic materials and no synthetic insecticides; however, its effectiveness has been tested and proven in a public laboratory.

People with allergies: Please use caution.

Company : Rinnesha, Japan

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