Click to enlargeKakuwari Square Incense - Kyara (Vietnam) 12 pcs.
Kakuwari Square Incense" is a new concept that incorporates both the tradition and future of incense. Seikado used abundantly rare and difficult-to-obtain kyara, agarwood, traditional agarwood, or sandalwood, to create three new incenses. They handmade each one with heart to make it look like a traditional square chip. This makes it easy to deliver the supreme incense without the need for sticks or cones.
A non-combustible burning mat is included. Please place it on a plate when burning incense.

Kakuwari Square Incense - Kyara (Vietnam)  12 pcs.  
Kyara From the rarest fragrant tree in Vietnam. It is the pinnacle among scented trees, and it is said that there is no more luxurious scent in Kodo Ceremony.
Main ingredients : Sham (Vietnam) Aloeswood
Weight : 04 g / 0.014 once
Size : 0.59 x 0.39 inches / 1.5 cm x 1 cm
Quantity : 12 pcs. 
Burning time : 8 min.

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