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Hojicha Teabag (20ct) - ENRICH Series

  • Ingredients: Tea Leaves (Roasted), Stems (Roasted) 
  • Origin: Shizuoka, Japan
  • Net Weight: 2.1 oz (60g / 3g × 20) 
  • Package: Sealable Foil Pouch 
Pyramid teabags of premium Hojicha mainly made of young tea stems harvested in spring. 
Due to the roasting process, caffeine in Hojicha is sublimated, resulting in a much lower caffeine content compared to other teas. Recommended for caffeine-sensitive consumers. This economically-sized package can be used by tea drinkers for fresh daily enjoyment.

20 Hojicha pyramid teabags in a re-sealable foil pouch. 
One teabag is good for a 12 oz cup of tea.

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