Sho-kaku / Translucent Path - 5 sticks plastic tube

Rejuvenation, solitude. Kyara, the most prized variety of Aloeswood, brings a transcendent quality to Shoyeido's most heralded incense. This recipe required more than ten years to perfect. The ultimate in refinement and quality - simply the best.
Translucent Path is the crown jewel of incense. It is made of kyara - the most cherished and fragrant form of agarwood. It is unlike any other fragrance on Earth.

Shoyeido's master incense crafters spent a full decade perfecting the recipe for this exquisite fragrance. With great care and clear intention, a true masterpiece of fragrance was born.

Main Ingredients : Kyara
Length : 7 "
Quantity :
35 sticks
Burn Time : approx. 40 min.
Company : Shoyeido

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