Click to enlargeSquare Charcoal-B 24 p (Miyako Sumi )

Use with White Ash. 24 pcs.

These pieces are much larger than those in the 48-piece box (Charcoal-A). This high-quality charcoal is easy to start and maintain. Use with white ash in a bowl or cup-shaped burner with 3-leg design. The traditional 3 leg design prevents the burner from overheating. Be certain to extinguish the charcoal after each use.

NOTE: This size charcoal is NOT for use with the Shoyeido Portable Wood-chip Heater (sho-61111). Use the smaller Charcoal-A (link below) for that heater.

Also see: Square Charcoal-A 48p (Miyako Sumi)

Square Charcoal-B 24 p (Miyako Sumi ) sho-60112$12.50
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