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NEW! With our Premium Incense Assortment you'll savor the unforgettable experience of Japanese incense perfection. Fine sandalwood, prized agarwood, and other hand-selected natural aromatics are transformed by Shoyeido's master incense crafters into these nine masterpieces of fragrance. Considered by many to be among the world's finest-ever incense creations! Includes: 

Friend of Pine (Matsu-no-tomo): A fresh, cool fragrance, reminiscent of a breeze passing through an ancient pine forest. 

Fresh Breeze (Sei-fu): A cool and delectable blend of premium sandalwood, Fresh Breeze ushers in an atmosphere of clarity and refinement. 

King's Aroma (Ohjya-koh): An elegant blend of fine sandalwood and herbs. King's Aroma exudes the sophistication and ease of a bygone era. 

Pride of Kyoto (Kyo-jiman): The precise recipe for Pride of Kyoto dates back more than six decades, but the classic recipe upon which it is based is much older still. 

Beckoning Spring (Shun-yo): Beckoning Spring creates an aura of lush tranquility in any home or work space. Available in four beautiful packaging variations. 

Gentle Smile (Misho): The peace and open-heartedness of a smile inspires Misho, one of Shoyeido's most beloved creations. Southern Wind (Nan-kun): One of Shoyeido's finest, 

Southern Wind may bring to mind the langorous warmth of endless summer days.

Refinement (Ga-ho): The aromatic spectacle of agarwood-suffused Japanese incense is on full display with Shoyeido's sumptuous Refinement premium incense blend. 

Enlightenment (Myo-kaku): Manifested from the refined sensibilities of Shoyeido's famed incense artisans,

- 1 box of 9 sticks, 4.9"
- Premium aromatic woods, herbs, spices
- Approx. burning time: 25 min. per stick

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