Enlightenment Myo-kaku, 5 sticks in Plastic Tube

NEW! A grand, new vision of agarwood excellence is revealed: Enlightenment has arrived!

Manifested from the refined sensibilities of Shoyeido's famed incense artisans, Enlightenment is our newest Premium Incense offering -- an olfactory potion of exquisite agarwood and hand-selected spices.

Through the application of our craftspersons' time-honored blending techniques, with clear intention and an abiding mindfulness of nature's blessing, Enlightenment offers a clean, dignified fragrance of high-quality agarwood to vivify the senses and elevate the mind.

Main Ingredients : Premium Aloeswood
Length : 7"
Quantity : 5
Burn Time : App. 40 min.
Company : Shoyeido

Also available in:
Myo-kaku Long

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