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Please use it to check the fragrance before selecting incense for your gift, or to try out the fragrance if you are not sure which fragrance to choose. 

1. Fuji no Hana (2 sticks)
Charming Wisteria fragrance based on Sandalwood

2. Shun koh Sen (2 sticks)
Mild incense mixed with Indian Sandalwood, agarwood and herb

3. Jinsoku Koh (2 sticks)
The incense of Indonesian Aloeswood with herb is reminiscent of majestic temple

4. Haru no Kaori (2 sicks)
Luscious incense of Vietnamese Aloeswood and herb
5. Chisen (2 sicks)
Noble incense mixed with high quality Aloeswood and various herb

6. Zuika Koh (2 sticks)
Rich and slightly peculiar scent of Vietnamese high quality Aloeswood, musk and herb

7. Yoshi no Haru (2 sticks)
Mellow and neat scent of high quality Indonesian Aloeswood and herb

8. Ranjatai (1 stick)
Luxurious incense of Vietnamese special grade Aloeswood and precious natural musk

9. Kyara Seikan (1 stick)
Elegant and delicate scent of high grade Kyara Kyara

10. Aioi no Matsu (1 stick)
Rich and matured scent of super grade Kyara Kyara

11. Houzan (1 stick)
Subtle and profound scent of hyper grade Kyara 

Also availabl in:

Fuji no Hana
Shun Koh Sen
Jinsoku Koh
Haru no Kaori
Zuika Koh
Yoshino no Haru
Kyara Seikan
Kyara Aioi no Matsu
Kyara Houzan

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