Click to enlargeShunkohdo Daily 9 Trial Set  

Please use it to check the fragrance before selecting incense for your gift, or to try out the fragrance if you are not sure which fragrance to choose. 

1. Shizuki (2 sticks)
Gentle, refreshing incense of sandalwood and floral herb

2. Matsuba Pine (2 sticks)
The incense inspired by Japanese traditional pine tree

3. Honey + Sandalwood (2 sticks)
Gentle Scent incense is made by only natural ingredients, sandalwood and honey

4. Ayane (2 sticks)
Extremely less smoke incense of floral perfume

5.Shuhou (2 sticks)
Modern Japanese elegant fragrance based on Sandalwood

6. Kotone (2 sticks)
The incense arranged in modern style made from Vietnamese Aloesrwood

7. Sarasoju Sandalwood (2 sticks)
Pure sandalwood incense made by the best sandalwood from Mysore, India

8. Ka Cho Fu Getsu (2 sticks)
The incense of Indonesian agarwood with herb is reminiscent of majestic temple

9. Ibuki (2 sticks)
Hight class incense of Vietnamese special grade Aloeswood and various spice and herbs 

Also availabl in:

Shizuki (Not Available)
Matsuba Pine
Honey+Sandalwood (Not Available)
Ayase (Not Available)
Kotone (Not Available)
Sarasoju Sandalwood
Ka Cho Fu Getsu

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