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Kyara Seiran - Heavenly Orchard, 4.5", 15 sticks

Seiran - Heavenly Orchard has a slightly softer kyara scent than Seijudo' Enju (Long life). It also has the fragrance of agalloch (one of the original species of Aquilaria trees which can ultimately produce Aloeswood oils), plus a slightly musky, harmonious fragrance.

Main Ingredients: Kyara
Length: 4.5"
Quantity: 15 Sticks
Burn Time: app. 20 min.
Company: Seijudo

Also available in:
Mini Kyara Seiran - Heavenly Orchard, 3", 6 sticks
Mini Kyara Seiran - Heavenly Orchard, 6.75", app. 34 sticks

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