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Mini Kyara Enju - Long Life, 3", 6 sticks

Mini Enju is 3" length. It has been created from the best raw Kyara materials, in order to capture the sweetness of the most premium Aloeswood Kyara. This premium incense uses Kyara wood containing the extremely high quality green kyara oil. Then it is mixed with spices to produce a very strong and deep scent. There are many levels of complexity going on as the stick burns, thus producing an incense with a learning curve, and at the same time a wonderful aroma that is very captivating. Conversations tend to stop when this one is first lit. This is a masterpiece of the incense art and considered one of the best kyara-based incenses in Japan. Kyara Enju is something to treasure, and should be enjoyed during reflective moments when you have the time to really savor it.

Main Ingredients: Kyara
Length: 3"
Quantity: 6 Sticks
Burn Time: App. 15 min.
Company: Seijudo

Also available in:
Kyara Enju - Long Life, 4", 15 sticks
Kyara Enju - Long Life, 6.75", app. 31 sticks

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