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Urawaka Gift Set

The name of this incense comes from quoted from an old Japanese word for "Urawakashi (young and naive). Seijudo returned to the basics of making incense sticks and named it to aim for a product that pursues fragrance. Seijudo has tailored a small box kit so you may enjoy the five scents of "Urawaka", less smoke type incense sticks. The "Urawaka Series" consists of incense sticks that look beautiful with a slight smoke scent that is particularly about natural materials.

“Urawaka”, which has the theme of Japanese scents, is an incense stick with motifs of flowers, landscapes, and fruits that are familiar to Japanese people. Since it is a product that focuses on fragrance, we have redesigned it so that it can be used not only as an incense stick but also as an incense stick, and released in a small amount. The assorted type that allows you to enjoy 5 different scents is a perfect gift. "Urawaka" is an incense stick with five different scents, but all of them have a unified scent, and we hope that you can feel the meaning of the design. 

Seijudo placed five clean and fresh scents into thie masterpiece gift box.

Green Tea - 40 sticks
A sweet and refreshing tea scent containing tea leaf powder

Plum - 40 sticks
Contains an extract from plum fruits and has a sweet and sour plum scent.

Peach - 40 sticks
Contains an extract from peach leaves and has a refreshing sweet peach scent.

Cherry Blossom - 40 sticks
Contains an extract from the petals of cherry blossoms, giving it a natural and gentle scent that reminds us of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Water - 40 sticks
A refreshing scent that makes you feel like a bath in the forest, mixed with natural peppermint oil and Chinese medicine.

Length: 5.5"
Quantity: 40 sticks each    
Burn Time: approx. 25 min.
Company: Seijudo 

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