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Urawaka Gift Set

Seijudo has tailored a small box kit so you may enjoy the five scents of "Urawaka", less smoke type incense sticks. The "Urawaka Series" consists of incense sticks that look beautiful with a slight smoke scent that is particularly about natural materials. Seijudo placed five clean and fresh scents into thie masterpiece gift box.

Green Tea - 40 sticks
A sweet and refreshing tea scent containing tea leaf powder

Plum - 40 sticks
Contains an extract from plum fruits and has a sweet and sour plum scent.

Peach - 40 sticks
Contains an extract from peach leaves and has a refreshing sweet peach scent.

Cherry Blossom - 40 sticks
Contains an extract from the petals of cherry blossoms, giving it a natural and gentle scent that reminds us of cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Water - 40 sticks
A refreshing scent that makes you feel like a bath in the forest, mixed with natural peppermint oil and Chinese medicine.

Length: 5.5"
Quantity: 40 sticks each    
Burn Time: approx. 25 min.
Company: Seijudo 

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