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Kyara Firebird / Hojo Red Lable

A very robust, multilayered and unique incense experience. We cannot think of anything else like this other than, to some degree, Kyara Firebird. Notes of deep woods, bittersweet chocolate, and lots of rare spices and herbs. This incense is really for burning slowly and being studied. Perfect for a meditative moment when something unique is called for. In the same way that one would say °»this is a big Boudreaux°… so too could that be said of this incense. The is the perfect gift for a connoisseur.

Main Ingredients: Kyara
Length: 5.5"
Quantity: App.60 Sticks
Burn Time: approx. 30 min.
Company: Yamadamatsu

Also available in:
Kyara Firebird / Hojo Red Lable - 5 stikcs

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