Yamadamatsu Mix 6 Coil Set

Japan Incense introduces Yamadamatsu 6 different Coil incense.
We place the coils into a generic box.

Fujitsubo - This is Sandalwood and Wisteria scent blend.
Hagitusbo - It is sweet side of Sandalwood scent.
Gyoka - It is uplifting Aloeswood scent.
Shoyo - It is deep Aloeswood scent.
Shigei - It is beatiful Aloeswood scent.----> Broken (2 or 3 pieces)
Shiho - It is Kyara blend incense.

Length : 2.75 "
Quantity : Total 6 coils
Burn Time : 1.5 hours per coil
Company : Yamadamatsu

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