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Traial Pack 'Hanamoyo Incense sticks 
(From Right to Left)    

A set of 4 types of flower crest series inspired by the flowers of the four seasons.

1. First plum blossom - Incense with the image of plum blossoms that herald the arrival of spring in Kyoto
2. Colored Maple - A deep fragrance inspired by the lustrous autumn colors of the ancient capital.
3. Dew bellflower - A refreshing and elegant fragrance inspired by the delicate bellflowers of early autumn
4. Imperial Palace Cherry Blossoms - A faintly sweet fragrance inspired by the splendor of cherry blossoms in Kyoto 

Length: 2.75"
Quantity: 4 different type of incense (total 16 sticks) Burn
Time: approx. 15 min.

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