Fougere -Elegant aroma with depth and astringency with a touch of sweetness Marine -Refreshing aroma reminiscent of sea breezes   COLOR-2 Fujiiro & Kuniro

Leather -Smoky, dense, sweet scent with a hint of smokiness Herbal - Green, clean scent reminiscent of herbs   COLOR-3 Take-iro & Momo-iro

Oriental Amber - An exotic, deeply sweet fragrance Floral - A gorgeous fragrance like blooming flowers   COLOR-4 Mizuro & Amairo

Aquatic Musk - A clear scent reminiscent of murmuring water Gourmand - Rich scent like sweet candy   COLOR-5 Tokiiro & Kikkuri Airo

Balsamic - Mysterious aroma with a clear sweetness and coolness Chypre - Pleasant aroma with warmth behind the acidity   COLOR-6: SAKURAI-iro & YOSORAI-iro   Powdery musk - A sweet scent like a powder Sweet Amber - A rich yet bright sweet fragrance

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