Click to enlargeKungyokudo  - Incense Shiko Shu (Red)  

This trial set has an assortment of 6 types of incenses , 3 sticks each,  (with an incense stand) inspired by the scenery of Kyoto

Sakaimachi101 (Purple, 3 sticks)  
An incense stick that fuses the incense floating in front of the gate of the Nishi Honganji temple, the incenses of fragrant wood and incense sticks in our Kungyokudo Store, and the incenses of everything on display.  

Kitayama no Bara (3 sticks)   
This incense evokes visions of a garden of roses blooming with morning dew on velvet-like petals. An incense made up of sweet and lush floral fragrance and a lively leaf and stem fragrance.

Ohara of Cosmos (3 sticks)  
A sweet incense inspired by cosmos swaying gently in the wind in the soft autumn light of Ohara no Sato.

Kitano no Kobai (3 sticks)  
A noble red plum that blooms red in the light snow in Kitano in early spring. A gorgeous incense that evokes a hint of spring.

Daigo no Sakura   (3 sticks)  
This incense is inspired by the wonder of cherry blossoms blooming one after another on stretches of cherry blossom trees. A gentle incense that creates a fragrance bubble of being showered by falling cherry blossoms.

Gion no Maiko (Yellow, 3 sticks)  
A sweet incense inspired by the youthful and extravagant kimono sleeves of Maiko.

Company : Kungyokudo 

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