Click to enlargeKungyokudo  - Incense Shiko Ai (Blue)  

This trial set has an assortment of 6 types of incenses , 3 sticks each,  (with an incense stand) inspired by the scenery of Kyoto

Sakaimachi101 (Purple, 3 sticks)  
An incense stick that fuses the incense floating in front of the gate of the Nishi Honganji temple, the incenses of fragrant wood and incense sticks in our Kungyokudo Store, and the incenses of everything on display.  

Miyama no Renge (3 sticks)   
Miyama is a village surrounded by lush forests and clear streams. A sweet and sour incense that is inspired by lovely lotus flower fields covered by a misty sky.

Otowa no Taki (3 sticks)  
This incense is inspired by the clear streams that spring from Mt. Otowa in the Higashiyama mountain range. A sandalwood incense that feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Yase no Kunisou (3 sticks)  
A refreshing lavender incense that soothes the soul with the gentle breeze of Yase.

Mimurodo no Hasu  (3 sticks)  
A graceful lotus flower that blooms elegantly on a summer morning. A gentle and clean incense reminiscent of opening the palm of your hand toward the heavens.

Uji no Matcha (Yellow, 3 sticks)  
Enjoy Ujiís tea plantations with beautiful furrows woven by tea plants. A soothing incense with the sweetness and richness of matcha.

Company : Kungyokudo 

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