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Mini Gotoku - Three leg copper stand

This stand is the perfect solution for the " Mon-Koh" incense ceremony method of extracting the maximum pleasure from those precious wood chips, granules, or kneaded incense

To use, first arrange the ash in your incense bowl, with the lit charcoal in the center. Then insert the legs of this stand into the ash (straddling the charcoal) until the top is about 1/4"-1/3" above the charcoal. Then place your mica plate (sold separately) on the stand, and finally your incense on the mica plate.
We recommend you use proper incense tools , or at the least, a pair of tweezers to adjust the stand, plate, and incense, because everything will become extremely hot within seconds.

The stand may be moved higher or lower to precisely control the temperature of the mica plate, so you don't burn your incense, and can enjoy its aroma for a much longer period.

Note: The picture above (click to magnify) shows the mn-0016 stand (large image) as well two smaller images depicting how to place the (not included) mica plate and wood chip.


Construction : Soldered copper
Height: approx. 1.75"

Quantity : 1 stand
Made in Japan

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