Minorien 6 Samplers

1. Frankincense (2 sticks)
2. Fu-in® Sandalwood(2 sticks)
3. Fu-in® Aloeswood (2 sticks)
4. Fu-in® Kyara (2 sticks)
5. Fu-in®Kyara Ryugen (2 sticks)
6. Kyara Chokoh No. 5 (2 sticks)

NOTE: Minorien's Fu-in Aloeswood and Kyara incense sticks, cones, and coils may sometimes contain small black spots. These are actually pieces of resin-suffused agarwood, and are aromatic parts of the Aquilaria tree, famous for its use in aloeswood and kyara incenses.

Each individual incense is also available in boxes:

Fu-in® Sandalwood
Fu-in® Aloeswood
Fu-in® Kyara
Fu-in®Kyara Ryugen
Kyara Chokoh No. 5

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