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Kunpu Kyara, 2.25", 40 sticks

Kunpu Kyara is exactrly the same incense as Fu-in Kyara; however, the sticks are thicker and square shaped. This shape reveals more surface area to burn, so the scent is a bit stronger.

The wet smell of Kyara is very unusual. It has an excellent tone that reflects the very nature of the incense tree in abundance. You will enjoy a gentle aroma of the highest quality "Kyara smell".

Minorien's Fu-in Aloeswood and Kyara incense sticks often contain small black spots. These are actually the chunks of resin-suffused agarwood and Kyara, and are the most aromatic parts of the Aquilaria tree, famous for its use in aloeswood and kyara incenses.

Quntity : 40 sticks
Length : 2.25"
Burn Time : app. 12 min.
Company : Minorien

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