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Traial Pack 'High-grade Incense sticks 

This trial pack contains one each of 10 different types of incense which is a high-grade incense sticks. *With the exception of Kyara.
(From Right to Left) 

1. Ouju(鷹樹) ... A deep and ethereal fragrance made from the finest agarwood from Kalimantan.
2. Kumoyi (雲井) ... A deep fragrance expressing the character of agarwood using the highest quality agarwood.
3. Hyohu (縹風)... Aroma with a characteristic blueness enhanced by the use of Vietnamese agarwood.
4. 4. Saiwun (彩雲)... A calming fragrance made mainly from agarwood, blended with natural incense ingredients.
5. Shikun (紫薫)... A refreshing fragrance that especially expresses the spiciness of agarwood.
6. Suifu Gokuhin (extra) (翠風 極品) ... A fragrance that harmonises the deep sweetness and pungency of agarwood.
7. Suifu(翠風)... A gentle fragrance that accentuates the sweetness in agarwood's fragrance.
8. Kayo (華陽)... A solid, high-quality sweet and refreshing fragrance made from abundant use of sandalwood from India.
9. Kagetsu (華月)... A cool fragrance using Indian sandalwood.
10. Oubai (鴬梅)... Unique fragrance made from a variety of natural ingredients.   

Length: 5.5"
Quantity: 10 different type of Incense
Burn Time: approx. 25 min.

Each individual incense is also available in boxes:
1. Ouju
2. Kumoyi (Kumoi)
3. Hyofu
4. Saiun
5. Shikun
6. Suifu Gokuhin
7. Suifu
8. Kayo
9. Kagetsu
10. Oubai

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