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Cast Iron Koro - Gold & White Snow Flake

This round cast iron Koro is perfect for burning incense cones while you view the smoke curling through the geometric patterns in the lid. You may also use it with incense sticks by half-filling it with white ash into which you insert the burning incense stick (of course, the lid would be off while burning sticks). It's available in several colors including Brown, and has these features:

Over 3 inches diameter
beautifully Ginko patterned lid
rests on three legs for added stablility on an uneven surface
bowl is deep enough to use for either cones or sticks
Japanese cast iron: won't normally break

Main Materials: White powder-coated cast iron
Diameter: 3.25 "Height:3.375"
Origin: Made in Japan

These Koros are available in the following colors (click on links):
Cast Iron Koro - (Black)
Cast Iron Koro - (Green)
Cast Iron Koro - (Red)
Cast Iron Koro - (Brown)
Cast Iron Koro - (Blue)
Cast Iron Koro - (Purple)
Cast Iron Koro - (Gold & Pink Cherry Blossom)
Cast Iron Koro - (Gold & Turquoise Wave)
Cast Iron Koro - (Gold &Yellow Ginko)
Cast Iron Koro - (Gold & White Snow Flake)

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