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Riraku - Osmanthus    

The Osmanthus tree is filled with small orange flowers, which give off a unique and strong fragrance. Riraku Osmanthus has gorgeous and elegant. The fragrance is made in Japan with the highest quality ingredients, so there is little smoke.

Main Ingredients : Osmanthus
Length : 2 3/8" / 50-60 mm
Quantity : 15 sticks and a mini ceramic holder
Burn Time : approx. 15 min.
Company : Daiko Ginza
Made in Japan 

About Riraku :
Riraku's soft and deep fragrances encompasses the beauty of Japan. Subtle, powdery, and sweet, these fragrances of flowers and trees are calming and gentle on the soul.
Each fragrance comes in an elegant and traditional Japanese style packaging adorned with hand made washi (和紙) paper.
A metal incense holder is attached to each package with a red string. Ideal for gift-giving or on the go.
Relax and let Riraku's gentle scents wrap all around you.
Package includes 15 sticks and a mini metal incense holder No bamboo core for a clean burning, pure scent Beautiful packaging ideal for gift-giving Compact packaging ideal for travel or on the go

- Thickness of incense sticks vary depending on fragrance
- Burning times may vary depending on surroundings and circumstances  
- Enclosed incense tube is made of glass. Please handle with care.

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