Chabana Large Box - Less Smoke
Chabana Red - Less Smoke
Chabana Yellow - Less Smoke
Charcoal (Kikuno Kaori)
Charcoal Body Soap
Charm Lucky Snake with Bell
Chashaku (Tea Scoop) - Bamboo
Cherrry Blossom 2
Cherry Blossom (Usuzumi no Sakura) - Less Smoke
Cherry Blossom (Less Smoke)
Cherry Blossom - Less Smoke
Cherry Blossom Handmade Incense Holder
Cherry Blossome
Cherry Blossome
Cherry Blossoms - Porcelain Incense Holder
Chisen Aloeswood
Chisen Aloeswood Long
Chitose (Thousand Years) - Sandalwood Blend
Cho Cho San - Assorted - 36 cones
Chojou Aloeswood Wood chips - 0.52 oz / 15 g - Kyukyodo -SOLD OUT
Choose by Incense Ingredient
Choose by Incense Ingredient
Chopstick Rest moon set of 5 [gold]
Chopstick Rest sakura set of 5
Chopstick Rest 8 set of 5
Chrysanthemum - Porcelain Incense Holder
Chrysanthemum - Porcelain Incense Holder
Chyo-sin Bundle
Chyo-sin Large Box
Chyo-sin Small Box
Cinnamon Powder
Cloth Sachet - Medium (Johin - Fine Quality)
Clove (Choji)
Clove Powder
Cobalt Blue - Incense Bowl
Coffee & Tea
Coffee - Less Smoke
Coffee - Less Smoke
Coffee - Less Smoke
Coil Burner with pole
Coil Incense Holder
Cone bright afternoon (Cherry blossom & Green tea)
Cone enchanted mood (Lotus & Wine)
Cone fresh morning (Orange & Darjeeling tea)
Cone quiet evening (Cassis & Mocha)
Cone refreshed mood (Lime & Mint tea)

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